“We are committed to producing contemporary art of excellence, supporting artists’ practice, initiating cultural activity and feeding into Dover’s economy. We aim, with values of inclusiveness, thoughtful partnership and emotional responsibility, to strengthen communities and widen perspectives through creative thinking and actions.”

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DAD Guardians: announcing Colin Priest

Since a chance meeting with Joanna and Clare during Whitstable Biennale 2014 where I was exhibiting ‘The Dance of the Neptune Plant’, our conversations have continued to embrace the complexities [...]

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DAD Guardians: announcing Simon Bill

Working with DAD as an artist, a writer, and in other ways that don't have names or job descriptions, I look forward to helping Dover realise the future of its [...]

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DAD Guardians: announcing Helen Lindon

'What I know and love about DAD is that it is led by artists who are taking top quality art and artworks into their local community with whom they have [...]