What do you do with some video footage slipped into a handbag, a former employee who refuses to be interviewed and a huge abandoned paper mill in the heart of Dover?
The 2012  90-min feature documentary Watermark is inspired by footage of the last Conqueror paper run at Buckland Mill Dover, and featuring former mill workers. A DAD Production, directed by Marianne Kapfer, music by Robert Jarvis, written and edited by Dominic de Vere and Marianne Kapfer, producers DAD Joanna Jones and Clare Smith. Described by Screen South as one of the “standout success stories of the region” Watermark engages deeply with the people in the film, tells the wider story of industry in Dover and kent and examines ideas of work and identity in a way that recognises the complexity of the issues involved. Beautifully and sensitively filmed and edited, with an original sound score that can be seen as part of the script, and using archive photographs, archive film footage including fascinating never-before seen super-8 footage, the film successfully crosses the boundary between “film” and “art”.
Watermark is now available through Vimeo-on-demand. Prices are £3.34 to rent or £10.03 to download. Please click here 
DVDs are still available too for £15 if collected or £20 to include postage and packing. If you would like one, please contact us. Watermark has its own dedicated website.