Art at the Drop Redoubt


The Western Heights Preservation Society’s Drop Redoubt open weekend took place on 30 and 31 May 2015. This year’s event was themed around the Battle of Waterloo with re-enactments from other military campaigns as well.

The event included John Dargan’s stamp-making workshop for children, bringing art to the event for the first time and receiving an enthusiastic response from the Society’s volunteers:

Mr John Dargan and kid’s art. Brilliant.” (Phil Eyden)

“The children created some absolutely brilliant prints. Lovely to see something so new and creative in the fort today.” (Mandy Whall)

With about 1,000 visitors over the whole weekend, it was an ideal opportunity to collect 100 visitor survey forms, a key aspect of the DMAG project which all partners will be engaged in and intended to help partners argue their case for support by local stakeholders by providing a statistical sample of visitor demographics and feedback on their experience.

Fears that visitors might be reluctant to fill out the forms proved to be unfounded.

“Wonderful day with Anne Partington-Omar with the DMAG visitor survey forms for the Western Heights Preservation society. We achieved the target number of 100 which will make the survey statistically valid! Thank you every one who filled out the forms at the wonderful WHPS open day.” (Joanna Jones)

A special thank you goes to Ally Trelfer for all her help with the workshop and also to Simon Martin.

Photos by Clare Smith