Art Talk

St Edmunds Chapel


Nicola Dunsbee’s Art Talk was held on Sunday 23rd February 5 pm – 7 pm at St Edmund’s Chapel.  Art Talk

The evening was split into two parts.  To begin the evening,  artists were invited to speak  about something that has captured them. These talks were short – each one lasting no longer than five minutes – so that the talks were organic and unpressured, and  together became a dialogue.

The second part of the evening was dedicated to speed-meeting.  Attendees moved from person to person, spending five minutes with each person to introduce themselves and start a conversation.  The rare and remarkable space of the chapel  sparked and catalysed ideas, and the speed-meeting gave artists a place to share ideas with others theuy may not have met before.

I’m thrilled that the talks linked in organically with each other; it certainly inspired me to hear fellow creatives, and I hope it provoked your thoughts too. Nicola Dunsbee

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