Artists’ networking evening

The DAD Urban Room

The first artist’s networking evening took place on 31 January in Dover and was an opportunity for all the artists working on the Joined Up project to get together and share their experiences so far and also to share their research and approach to the challenge of creating an artwork for their particular venue.

All were agreed that it was a really useful event and a great development is the sharing of resources that is starting to happen as a result.

  • The conversations/anecdotes were inspiring and I feel that we are all more in tune now. (Aine)
  • I personally found the sharing of our initial ideas and experiences so far really helpful (thanks Peter for the anecdote about the enthusiastic violinist and Tania the fantastic story about your grandmother and the felt lined bombers turned into slippers).  (Cathy)
  • It was great to meet my fellow aritists (hi there), and share the ideas, challenges and adventures of this absorbing project. Real links have been made, and I for one, am really grateful and inspired. (Peter)

Photos by Clare Smith.