Christine Gist

DAD Artists at Home


The presence of Covid-19 hasn’t had a personal impact – I was sure I wouldn’t be infected. Living on the coast and in a town that has plenty of green spaces as well as having a garden has been special as has the time to focus on neglected tasks. However, the primary negative aspect of this period for me has been the social restrictions and the fact that travel, especially to mainland Europe where I work on various projects, has not been possible since March. Time seems to have simultaneously speeded up and slowed down, 2020 feels like it’s over but never really began. Staring at a screen for much of the time is tedious and online contact with family and colleagues is never a substitute.

In terms of Covid-19’s effect on my creative practice, I didn’t want to fill the time with making objects that didn’t need to exist. Instead I’ve been documenting a selection of things/objects I have, trying to see them from a new perspective.


I have also been looking at previous projects and below are 3 images of a 2010 project in Dover – Façade: art in public spaces, which took place in Dover’s former Stagecoach bus depot space and was curated by Sharon Haward, artist and contributor to DAD’s projects. 

I’m fortunate to have received an emergency response grant from Arts Council England for several research based projects and also an additional emergency grant to co-curate ‘Your Place’ an online digital platform of five artists’ new commissions, soon to be live on Tempo Arts website. But no live projects allowed.