DAD goes from dot EU to dot UK


In 2006 Christine Gist, Clare Smith and Joanna Jones chose ‘.eu’ as the DAD website domain ending because they felt so good being part of the EU. Being part of the EU has enabled 13 years working across borders with artists and partners within the other member states with ease.

Following the EU Parliament and Council directive that only businesses based in the EU can have a domain address ending .eu, from now on the Dover Arts Development Ltd website url will be:



Clare Smith

Joanna Jones

We were devastated that the UK made the decision to disconnect from the European Union.

We will continue to work with partners and artists across borders.

This is sad, I remember when the three of us set this email address up, we were part of the EU & everything seemed possible…. (Christine Gist DAD partner from 2006 – 2008)

Photo: Nigel Green