Dagens Næringsliv, the Norwegian business daily, writing an article on Banksy that will feature the Dover Banksy

The DAD Urban Room

Eirik Traavik from Dagens Næringsliv, the Norwegian business daily, is working on a story about Banksy. He and photographer, Jorn Tomter  arrived in Dover on December 12th 2018 to photograph Banksy’s Brexit mural from 2017.

I am interested to talk to people about  the “SAVE THE BANKSY” campaign against removing the Banksy mural while I am here. The conflict between those wishing to sell and those more keen on preserving street art where it was made tends to arise wherever Banksy has made art in the past couple of years. As the Dover mural is one of his most iconic pieces, it would be interesting to feature the conflict surrounding it in my article. Eirik Traavik

They came to talk with Joanna :

It was very interesting to hear more about the most iconic Banksy mural currently up in the UK.   Eirik Traavik

Stepping into the DAD urban room was like entering my old flat in Berlin. Perfect space to chat about EU, ART, and DOVER.  Jorn Tomter