DMAG partners Community Philosophy day


Dr Steve Bramall from SAPERE, Philosophy for children, colleges, and communities, led a day of community philosophy with representatives from the DMAG Group.

The day started with some ice breakers and focus on getting to know each other, 3 museum volunteers were representing partner venues for the first time. This was followed by a mix of smaller group sessions and opportunities to deepen a reflection on what worked, what didn’t and what we learned from the first DMAG project: Joined Up which ends in spring 2015. Then some blue sky thinking and ideas from the whole group on ways to go forward.

At the end we were asked to leave a thought and a word about the day:

Here are the thoughts:

  • Staged moving forward together
  • Nice Group
  • “A long journey (paused?) stopped by time”
  • Still bits to do, but we are on the right path
  • Refreshing
  • Continuous Revolution
  • Group building
  • Working together
  • Every journey starts with a first step
  • Ideas
  • DMAG has a key role to play in bringing local museums and the arts together

The words:

Energy, Communicative, Thought Provoking, A day well spent, Way forward, Committment, New, Together, Concept, Future, Conversation

We met in the Samphire Hoe Education Centre and were delighted with the facilities and the catering from Spindrift Catering that included a delicious lunch that made sure that all those on special diets also had something delicious to eat.


John Bennett and Alan Lee  PWRRQR,  Mark Hopewell and Wendy Gilham  East Kent Railway, Neil Aplin White Mill Heritage Centre (Ist Half), Christine Waterman St Margarets, Mike Eddy  Deal & Western Heights,  Jon Iveson  Dover Museum & Western Heights, Jim Davies  Aylesham Heritage Centre, John Schollard and Ray Harlow (1st Half),  Sandwich Guildhall, Peter Boast Dover Transport Museum, Anne Edwards  Project Museum Support Officer, Sarah Corn South East Museum Development Programme, Clare Smith and Joanna Jones  Dover Arts Development, Kevin Joyce Project Digital Advisor,