Drew Burrett leads workshop with Whitfield Aspen School

Kearsney Interpreted

On 4 November 2018 Drew Burrett led a workshop for pupils at Whitfield Aspen School as part of his work for Dover District Council’s Art in the Park – Kearsney Interpreted project delivered together with Dover Arts Development.

The day went really well and the students and the class teacher commented on how the students where able to explore using new materials, such as crayons, pastels, charcoal etc which they don’t not have use of in the classroom to create interesting and dynamic drawings and sketches. 

They continuously praised and loved the use of black and white cameras which the students had never heard of before. It was fascinating to teach them about how image making was created and they explored the park with 6 negatives each to capture an image of there choice which they thought capture the beauty of the park. 
The teacher commented on how the students worked together from all ages, and how eve students that are more quiet and reserved opened up and enjoyed the experience of looking and drawing in space. 
The students where fascinated by old darkroom processes and even used my DSLR camera to capture images of the park, quoting at the end they where gunna ask for one for Christmas.
They even thanked me at the end for the days events, getting excited about me coming back into the school to show the students what I have used there drawing and images they captured for.                                           


Photos by Drew Burrett. More images available at   www.kearsneyarchive.wordpress.com.