Easter Monday walk with Laura J. Padgett


The sun came out for us on Easter Monday and the wind dropped just enough to make the walk led by Laura J. Padgett one of those “thank goodness we weren’t doing this yesterday” kind of days. About 30 people took part and shared Laura’s way of looking at Dover: references to Modernism, Abstract art of the 50s, examples of New Brutalism, changing layers of history right there in front of you should you care to look and see. The walk started at the fountain in the market square and then went through to Townwall Street and the A20, past the Marina, past the old Western Docks railway station and through the old covered walkway, with its beautiful red, white and blue painted iron structures, to Admiralty Pier. On emerging, it was as if we had been led through a mass of confusing, visually frustrating material, out to the clarity and openness of the sea. On retracing our steps and looking back at where we had come from, it was as if the messiness had disappeared – what had been a jumbled collection of disconnected architectural fragments suddenly looked familiar, less frightening, less monstrous and more understandable.

Photos by Roger Parish