Exhibition of pupils’ work opens

Schools and arts award

An exhibition of pupils work in response to a walk along a section of the North Downs Way can now be seen in the Centurion House Box Gallery. Pupils from St. Mary’s, the “Dazzling Dolphins” have created five eye-catching figures, each one exploring a different theme of the North Downs Way using collage, printing, illustration, graffiti and poetry to great effect.

Year 8 students at the Dover Grammar School for Girls have produced a series of strong photographic imagery, skilfully applied to hanging Perspex sheets tied together with rope to further emphasize the seaside theme. A collage of snapshot-style images taken during the early research stage of the project is also displayed.

In response to the project, students said: “We have really enjoyed this project as we got to take part in many activities and contribute our own ideas for the display. We all worked as a group to put the whole thing together to produce the best work we could.”

Photos copyright Edda Jones