Get some great Dover souvenirs

Remade In Dover

If you’re looking for souvenirs from Dover, then go down to the Dover Museum shop where you can buy some really exciting pieces from a specially commissioned series by remade in dover as part of a limited edition of upcycled dover souvenirs by local artists and craft-makers using waste materials as a valuable resource. Check out the Remade in Dover website too for more on this exciting project.

Ceramic brooches: lovingly hand-made by artist Esther Coombs who grew up in dover and is taking the london design-scene by storm. esther aims to “give lost items a new lease of life, for people who don’t want throw away and cheap but hand-made and unique!” £4.80 each

Robot brooches: this friendly robot is part of a collectable family, hand-made by Kez in dover. read the story behind the robots hidden inside each box: they’re eating up dover’s waste! £7.20 each

Birdfeeders birds just love this cosy camouflage hide-away – made out of old tights, take-away chopsticks and jar lids by a lovely lady in deal, marlene hargrave, mbe. all proceeds from the sale of the birdfeeders go to charity. £9 each

Baskets simply stunning as beautiful objet d’art or pretty baskets for fragrant lavender… or even to keep your desk tidy! katharine woodward’s masterful creations have been made out of old posters from the project – made on top of the white cliffs in st. margaret’s! medium baskets £9 each small baskets £5.40 each