INSPIRATION = DOVER: preparing for the exhibition


A group of DMAG partners and DMAG artists got together today (6 April 2016) to continue to discuss plans for the INSPIRATION = DOVER concert and exhibition on 20 May. This event is the final event in DAD’s Culture Kent Dover Pilot Chalk Up to promote cultural tourism to Dover and Dover District and also marks DAD’s tenth anniversary.

The exhibition will showcase the work done by the artists in response to the residencies with their museum hosts over the last 2 years as part of the DMAG Joined Up project and will include an ‘object’ from the museums’ WW1 collections that has inspired them. Examples  include the WW1 bicycle from Dover Transport Museum, the Billy Neville football from the PWRR Queens Museum, medals from Sandwich Guildhall Museum and images of Death Pennies …. The artists’ works will form part of the museums’  accessioned collection, thus starting the process of contemporary collections forming tomorrow’s heritage created today. Museums are not dusty places full of old things but repositories of cultural value.

Kate Measures from Heritage Insider led a training session on creating pop-up displays and provided some useful tips which apply as much to retail displays and more permanent museum displays as to pop-up exhibitions. Everyone who attended had an opportunity to think about the practical problems of creating a “joined up” exhibition rather than a series of stands at a trade fair and how to create meaningful connections between the contemporary artworks and the museum objects. Things to consider included the fact that the venue itself is so rich, the need for space to move around safely, what equipment may or may not be needed, what advance planning can be done now, what the overall narrative will be and what audience/visitors might say, feel, learn and do on the day. It was great to see artists and museum partners working together, exchanging skills, knowledge and different approaches.

At the end of the session, everyone took flyers and posters away to help promote the event.