Joanna and Clare at the Aragon Tower

Joanna and Clare took part in the London Biennale event at the Aragon Tower near Greenland Pier, where a work by Alma Tischler Wood is permanently installed. The event was in part a farewell party for Alma who is leaving shortly with John Wood for South Korea.

“We were part of the advance party leaving Millenium Bridge by boat and getting off at Greenland Pier, where we waited for the rain to ease before making our way to the Aragon Tower. We hung back a bit as we saw David Medalla arriving and then went on ahead while David waited for the last of the LBs to finally arrive.

At the Aragon Tower, we all dug into a picnic and realised that David had dressed in the colours of Alma’s mural. We seemed to be the only people around and it was incredibly quiet until David led a spontaneous sound performance, transforming a metal balcony/look out post into an instant ‘gamelan’ by everyone dancing on the steps with hard shoes and hitting the railings with sticks and umbrellas and glasses case, much to the bemusement of some youths nearby who later drifted off.

Amongst those who took part were Ana Milavanovich, Angela Freiberger, Alma Tischler Wood, Ivan de Ivan, Nico Pollen,  Peter Fink, Anne Bean, Jill Rock and Guy Brett and ourselves. The balcony then doubled up as cover from the rain during some individual performances.

Later everyone stood in front of Alma’s mural for a group photo and David tried his hardest to get us all to express with our hands and fingers the kinetic mudras for time, space, experience, and the flower of memory. Alma’s mural was done in 2005 and just as with her new North Downs Way End-of-Trail Marker soon to be finished in Dover, she had to deal with existing work already installed on the site by another artist.

After a wonderful day, we got the high speed train back to Dover, feeling like we’d been part of something good.”