Lantern event: Lady Lovibond story

Schools and arts award

As part of the Nautical Threads project, there will be a lantern procession on 29 March 2014.

In the lead up to the procession, pupils at the participating schools have been making lanterns to bring along to the event and taking part in preparatory workshops involving performance, filmmaking and storytelling facilitated by Underground Pearl. The workshops are a combination of literacy and art. Based on the story of Lady Lovibond, the children write a nonsense poem or tongue twister inspired by fishing vocabulary and then use these to work together on a large piece of paper covering the desks. Text is treated as a component of the image and combined with drawing to create a multi layered collaborative art work.

In the early evening of 29 March, the lanterns will be lit and the story behind the procession will be narrated and acted out through song and dance by students from Astor College. The rowing club will act out the rescue of the ghost ship ‘Lady Lovibond’. Once the performances are completed the procession will proceed towards the entrance of Dover Museum (route attached), accompanied by the Big Fish Street Band. Outside Dover Museum there will be another short performance of song and dance by students from Astor College.

The procession will start on Dover Beach outside Dover Rowing Club and end at Dover Museum.

The participating schools are:

  • St Mary’s CEP
  • Sandown CPS
  • Portal House
  • Cartwright & Kelsey CPS
  • St Richards RCPS
  • Astor College for the Arts

Lantern Photos by Gemma; other photos by Kati Saqui