Last animation workshop


The last animation workshop was held on 8 June 2016 and everyone worked really hard to fill in the missing sections of the script so that the whole animation can be edited and finalised.

Some examples of pupil voice:

  • I really liked this workshop and I didn’t want this one to be our last one. I enjoyed it, thank you.
  • I have learnt all new ways to animate, which I enjoyed learning a lot, and I’ve been able to animate my own drawings which was interesting.
  • I thoroughly enjoyed today and have had a wonderful time through the weeks have been doing this. It was lovely to work with a lot of the kids and pass on my knowledge about animating.
  • Today was fun but sad because it was the last session with John, I learnt a lot of things about animation. I enjoyed creating boils and working with the St Mary’s students.
  • Thanks to the people who helped out with the afternoon. I had so much fund and ma going to miss these sessions. I learned how to use a boil and animate it.
  • Today was really amazingly fun because I got to work with St Mary’s schoolchildren, teaching them how to film and animate.
  • This project has been amazing. I have learnt so much from this. It has been amazing working with all the children, learning things from them too. I would also like to thank John for being an amazing tutor type teacher and really enjoyed it.
  • I enjoyed everything and I learnt how to animate. Some drawings were hard but I finished them all. I liked it when only one drawing turned into an amazing animation. I enjoyed working with the St Mary’s students …. yeah, I liked everything.
  • Today was very fun, Everyone at St Mary’s was very nice and amazing to work with once again. Thank you very much for the experience.

Photos by David Trelfer and Clare Smith.