LET’S KEEP CHALKUP21 going from Strength to Strength



There is a CHALKUP21 fact sheet for artists with ways to get involved and a CHALKUP21 fact sheet for partners with practical ways to ensure CHALKUP21 keeps going from strength to strength.

  • CHALKUP21 brought together partners across the region to change the perception of Dover as a place of transit to one of destination.
  • CHALKUP21 is a contemporary art & architecture trail using ancient coastal trails; its extraordinary legacy is that it will give thousands more a new way to enjoy an ancient trail over decades to come.
  • “CHALKUP21 is hugely important to cultural tourism – the project has put Dover beyond the Castle and the Cliffs firmly on the “A” list of national cultural destinations. The community benefits not only from the economic uplift that tourism brings but also from the increased self-respect and affirmation that the CHALKUP21 placemaking has given the town.”  (Diana Baldwin. Dover Town Council)
  • CHALKUP21’s website is a repository for the project’s achievements that will live on as an inspirational navigation tool.
  • CHALKUP21’s nine trail plaques add another layer of experience and interpretation to the walk.” (Charles Holland)
  • CHALKUP21 could grow and CHALKUP21 can be used to support future innovative coastal architecture of excellence.
  • CHALKUP2 needs to build on its excellent press coverage (potential audience reach of over 6 million) and make sure it is mentioned on national walking and tourism websites.
  • CHALKUP21 demonstrated the interconnectedness of the arts and economic growth and how a contemporary arts project deepens people’s connection to a place through experiences that feed imagination and wellbeing. It can be used to inform future placemaking projects.

You can read Chris Yates’s  evaluation report here 

All documents are also available to download from the CHALKUP21 website homepage https://chalkup21.com