Lisa Derand Exhibition in Kearsney Park

Kearsney Interpreted

On Saturday April 6th a small group joined artist Lisa Derand in Kearsney Abbey to view the 13 photographs of park visitors that Lisa had chosen for her exhibition that is hanging from trees or railings or park benches untill after Easter 2019.

“I enjoyed a lot working in Kearsney. The best were the people I met. They were very  friendly and always showed interested in the project and were always ready to participate. Each of them had an interesting story to tell. Often, I would spend few minutes taking the photographs and much longer actually talking to them. All the people I have met, gave me the impression that they simply love and feel connected to the parks, and I hope my project manages to convey the simplicity and warmth I felt in Kearsney. I wish to thank all the people who participated in the project, it has been a great experience.” Lisa Derand

photographs by  Ross Wheatley