Mapping Workshop

On 13 July 2013, on the strength of our mapping workshop for the Dover Big Local conversation event, DAD was invited by Kathy Budgen at Rural Kent to run a mapping workshop for local councillors at the KALC Councillors Conference. At the start of the session, Clare introduced DAD and stressed DAD’s emphasis on excellence and inclusion – something we do not see as a contradiction – and illustrated this with reference to our flagship projects Watermark, Bunting Forever, How does your Garden Grow and to events such as the Big Local conversation event and Matthias Koch’s presentation of his photos. Our range of projects mean we can include a variety of demographics and many of them have been directly supported by Dover Town Council.

Delegates were then asked to draw a map of their local district (some quick thinking there as we thought they would be bringing their own local maps) and to map its “community assets” – they were free to decide what a community asset was, in advance of a talk on the topic later in the programme. We asked the delegates to map the assets by demographic (age range) and to imagine what a young person, young adult, older person in their community might select as an asset. The workshop was an opportunity to “step into another person’s shoes” and to think about using alternative consultation tools.

The feedback from participants came in the form of “twitter feeds” for colleagues:

  • Visual, thought-provoking with discussion
  • Good, interactive, visual, thought-provoking and fun
  • Muddy waters running clearer“.

Feedback from the organisers:

  • Just what was required to begin the ball rolling for the day and created a nice challenge for the delegates along with some useful skills development.”