One more down and one to go


The Dover Totem CHALKUP21 art and architecture trail plaque was installed this morning August 22nd 2018 by Hipperson at the end of Athol Terrace by the Dover Eastern Docks.

The plaque is installed by the first of Elaine Tribley’s six totems which are placed at intervals along the path up to the White Cliffs and the Van Heyningen and Haward designed White Cliffs Visitors centre another of the CHALKUP21 structures. Great to see how many joggers, walkers, dog walkers and bycyclists use this path.

This is the eighth plaque to be installed. The plaque’s are designed by Charles Holland who says :

The plaques serve a number of roles: they are a way-finding device that provides information about the trail but they are also new pieces of sculpture in their own right. They offer both literal and figurative information, adding another layer to the project and its wider themes.