OSO = Old Sorting Office

OSO Studio Space

A place to talk, a space to work – where heritage style meets zeitgeist: a new meeting room in the Old Sorting Office at Charlton Green.

As part of DAD’s arrangement with LSBC Edda Jones was asked to help with the design of the meeting room.

Edda Jones’ interior design concept for OSO is inspired by postal sack labels found on site and the ethos of upcycling. The idea of incorporating upcycled elements in this project takes its cue from the successful Remade in Dover project that DAD ran in partnership with Dover Pride.

The concept is based on 4 main elements:

01 Two fully-flexible modular conference table units – each seating approx. 24 persons – that can be divided into 9 squares or 18 rectangles or even 36 individually shaped tables.

02 Two multi-functional bench units – to be used for seating, storage or display purposes.

03 A room divider element: In this instance, we have developed a curtain idea – featuring a unique halftone print design in black and white or – if we can find one – a proper old theatre curtain.

04 A sliding screen element that can also function as a whiteboard or display unit – suspended from a rail spanning the length of the road-side wall.