Over 500 people for Open Weekend 2011 in Dover

Bunting Forever

Over 500 people took part in our combined programme of related events for Open Weekend 2011 on Saturday 23 July 2011. We were also visited by John Mortlock and Lucy Williams from the Culture 2012 team. DAD’s programme comprised 3 related events: The Table, Bunting Forever & Dysarticulate2.

The Table had a quite magical effect in the Market Square – naturally drawing people to it to look and to touch. At the end of the day, after the other 2 events at The Table were over, people sat at The Table with their takeaways as if it had always been there.

Between 1pm and 2pm, the film, Tabula: Fortis in pace, by Marta Patlewicz and Sebastian Kaye, was shown on the Dover Big Screen. The music for the film was by Chris Walker, a beneficiary of the New Horizons programme at the LSBC Centre in Dover and also a member of the team involved in the construction of the Table, led by Anthony Heywood and Uwe Derksen from the University for the Creative Arts. The film is now part of the Dover Big Screen rolling programme.

Bunting Forever, led by Julie Bishop, got off to a flying start. Volunteers from the Dover Community Craft group who usually meet for a Knit and Natter session at Amina’s Cafe, were joined by local shoppers and tourists, to help knit and crochet triangles for the “woolly” bunting which will be used to decorate Dover for the arrival of the Olympic Torch in July 2012. This is a year-long project. Interview with Julie Bishop

Dysarticulate 2,  an initiative of Jon Adams, Artist in Residence at Portsmouth University and led in Dover by Carole Day, took place in Dover Library on Friday and then outdoors at the Table on Saturday. Interview with Carole Day

A wide range of people participated, children, adults, local people and visitors from other countries, notably French and Chinese visitors to Dover. Some participants chose to write comments on their flags, which were often quite moving. For example one Chinese visitor wrote: “One world, One dream, we support you in the Olympics, We love you“.

More visitor comments:

“It was fun” Nicole “I like doing it because I’m an artist” (Young child)
“Very interesting to learn about this work of art.”
“I found it very interesting” (Elderly lady)
“I liked the table a lot!”
“I found the table interesting and the idea of designing your own flag!”
“Amazing – Table – everything” “Can I have the Table?”
“An incredible piece of work.”
“I loved being part of this project, keep doing a great job guys and gals!!! Take care.” Chris, The Musician
“Wonderful place to meet new friends and chat to passers by”
“What an amazing table! Nice to be back in Dover!”
“Very well made. Should stay in Market square” “Everything happens at the table – wonderful piece” (Alma)
“Brilliant idea – Bunting for the Olympics + bringing Dover people together – I will be busy knitting” (Jo) “Lovely idea to show off our talents for knitting. Good morning socially as well.”

Our partners in this project were The University for the Creative Arts, LSBC Dover District Council, Dover Town Council Heritage Transport, Purple Doorand the New Theatre Royal Portsmouth.