Rhythms and soundscapes

Schools and arts award

Pupils at four of the eight INSPIRE schools have been enjoying a dance workshop with Chloe Mead and learning some basic Samba moves and rhythms. It has been wonderful to watch even very young children memorise dance sequences and learn to use numbers to count rhythms, as well as work in groups, practise and perform confidently in front of their peers and teachers.

I’ve had a fantastic time working with all the schools involved in the ‘Road to Rio’ project. We have begun exploring the strong and distinctive uses of rhythm in Samba music and how when these simpler rhythms are layered, create a much more complex and exciting soundscape. We then transformed these rhythms into Samba movements and the children worked independently in smaller groups to create their own short Samba routines. There has been a real sense of excitement and enthusiasm from all the schools involved and in many cases the children have exceeded the expectations of their teachers. It’s been so wonderful to see the children flourishing creatively and leaving the workshops, as one teacher described, “absolutely buzzing!” (Chloe Mead)