The table returns


‘The Table’ is back at Charlton Green thanks to Dover Town Council who have found a home for this sculptural work that they initially helped fund in 2011.

In a delicate operation on January 4th 2017, it was installed by the artists, Uwe Derksen and Anthony Heywood, with help from Andrew Hewitt and Andrew Fagg of Artful Logistics Ltd and Daryl Kirk and Shaun Dennis of Jones Construction.

For 3 hours the team worked with incredible precision to position the sculpture in  a grassy glade surrounded by a circle of trees running between the busy path alongside Morrisons cafe and the River Dour weir with its much loved ducks, as we discovered from  5-year old Freddy a frequent visitor to the green.  The table is constructed in 3 parts, weighs approximately 5 tons and is almost 4 meters in diameter.

‘The Table’ is a symbol of peace, inspired by Brancusi’s Table of Silence which was part of a sculptural ensemble built as a war memorial to peace at Turgu jui Romania in 1937. It is intended to encourage contemplation and conversation and provide a place for story telling and other events with the community.

First shown in Dover in the Market Square as part of the London 2012 Olympics ‘one year to go celebrations’ in 2011, ‘The Table’ was built in the Old Sorting Office at Charlton Green. It is constructed from timber reclaimed from the Britannia pub and Buckland paper mill and was built by artists Anthony Heywood and Uwe Derksen, with help from fine arts students and graduates from the University of the Creative Arts, as well as by young people and long-term unemployed from Dover.

Charlton Green is right in the town with the river running down one side and a walk way to Morrisons supermarket on the other, consequently it has continuous footfall. If anyone is interested in using the green for an event or performance please get in touch with us.

.Some comments:

What I like is that ‘The Table’ will change in colour with every season. Shaun Dennis

This space is completely changed by the presence of ‘the Table’. Richard Bundy

Something new, that’s nice, I like change. Happy New Year. Passer by

A bit of Dover’s history comming back. Passer by

It is great to see the work back in Dover close to where it was created – it already looks to be integrateing into its new environment as the footpath close by provides many possibilities for the audience to engage with the work – the sculpture  has a great deal of history for many members of the community as the timbers that are built into the work are from significant buildings in the town which were undergoing demolition.  As artists we have recycled these timbers into the structure of our work and embedded a time capsule into the structure. Anthony Heywood (Artist)

It is such a pleasure to see ‘the Table’ in its new position on Charlton Green, its presence marking this history filled spot a monument to peace. Joanna Jones (DAD)