The Unknown Soldier

Return of the Unknown

Participants in the Return of the Unknown project had the opportunity to watch The Unknown Soldier at venues in all the five towns involved in the project, and the Dover venue was the Duke of Yorks Royal Military School. The play is a Grist to the Mill production and features Ross Ericsson, playwright and author.

Synopsis: Jack stayed on when the guns fell silent, to search the battlefields for the boys that could not go home – for the dead and the missing, for both enemy and friend. And among the rusty wire and unexploded bombs Jack is looking for something – looking for someone. He has a promise to keep and a debt to repay and now there is this strange request from the generals. A story of comradeship, betrayal and of promises both broken and kept following the carnage of World War One. A new theatre piece by the award nominated writer of Casualities.

It was such a privilege to see this very powerful and unexpected piece, with a moving, original, thought-provoking and quite radical script, performed by a truly outstanding actor. Do go and see it if you can. (Clare Smith)

Images courtesy Grist to the Mill productions

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