The Voyagers workshops

War & Peace

2 free machine and hand embroidery workshops led by Rosie James took place in the Bronze Age Boat Gallery of Dover Museum on 15 and 22 September and boat making workshops took place on the Lightship LV21, at the Whitstable Satellite in the Kent Cultural Baton and in the Bronze Age Boat gallery of Dover Museum.

The paper boats will form a fleet made in memory of loved ones that have died and the embroidered names will be stitched together to form a Boat Cloth loosely inspired by Sumatran ship cloths used in transitional ceremonies, such as weddings, births, and funerals. It is a collection of the names of significant people in the lives of those who have helped make the piece.


Boats of Remembrance:

“My uncle was a very gentle person.”

“My cat died very suddenly. He was a funny cat and he always had a scowl on his face.”

“We’ll all be archaeological objects soon.”

“Another step in the process remembring and living with the loss of having those you have loved around you.”

“Florence, Robert, Dorothy & Betty reunited on the sea with Reginald, all together again”

“…an experience I will treasure, I was so delighted at how Anne’s boat turned out.”

Boat Cloth:

“She was one of those bouncy sporty people.”

“Her parents used to run the local chip shop.”

“He was my first boyfriend when I was about four and when he was leaving then East Pakistan where we lived at the time wanted to give me his passport. I brought it home in my school satchel and when quizzed by my parents refused to admit to having it. I held out for hours and then my mother got the ayah to search my satchel and was furious that I had lied. I didn’t realise that he shouldn’t have given me his passport.”

 “It was through her that I met my husband.”

 “For my sister, whose life is now elsewhere; a wonderful daughter, sister, mother and friend. Love and miss you terribly.”

 “She is my best friend. I love her very much, She is the bestest, loveliest and most beautiful person ever.”

“I remember her turning up late for her ‘O’ level English exam – wearing her pyjamas under her coat! She’d forgotten and overslept and the teacher had to go and get her!”

“She is also my best friend and she means the world to me. I would be nothing without her.”

“My cat Cleo she is lovely I got her because I wanted a baby so my husband get me her she is the best.”

“My name is to remember my husband who spent his working life at sea and piloted many ships in and out of Dover Harbour.”

“My father was born within sight of Dover Harbour and swam around the harbour breakwater as a boy.”

“Pjok – my first cat. I found her and lied to my parnts so I didn’t have to give them back.”

“Ulla – my mother who taught me to sew.”

“Lizzie – is my best friend at school she is thoughtful kind and creates no drama. Love her.”