Thoroughly enjoyable workshop with Marcia Teusink

What Next?

21 May 2020: Drawing from nature and creating monotype prints led by Marcia Teusink

The ‘Drawing from Nature into Print’ workshop included three chock-full hours of looking at and discussing drawings of nature, doing drawing exercises together, and then experimenting with transfer print using whatever we could get our hands on. It was amazing how natural it felt to be together on zoom, all working in each other’s company, even in multiple countries! Such great energy and willingness to experiment and see what might happen. Truly inspiring!! (Marcia Teusink)


Thanks for a lovely morning

That was great to be part of. Thank you everybody for the mini art tour through the prints.

Cant’ stop! Thank you very much for your fantastic printing/drawing workshop!!! SUPERB!!!

Great Marcia, very inspiring

Thank you so much Marcia. Thoroughly enjoyed this morning and good to meet everyone and see the results together

Another brilliant workshop delivered by Dover Arts Development. Even during lockdown a unique way was found to host a printing workshop via Zoom.  Marcia Teusink adapted her teaching technique so that anyone could take part remotely, irrespective of what they had at home. The workshop was extremely well presented with a very calm, friendly and professional approach. As a participant I found the workshop fun and informative. Thank you Marcia and DAD. 


The workshop was part of the Dover Printfest 2020 in association with the Fête de l’estampe events taking place across Europe and with Dover Arts Development, the Dover Studio Collective and Future Foundry.