Working towards a DIY CHALKUP21 souvenir


As part of the CHALKUP21 project DAD is mentoring talented young ceramicist Frazer Doyle to develop an imaginative souvenir for the trail and this has proved something of a challenge. We have long loved Frazer Doyle’s small fortunes made with porcelain and glazed with various oxides and also, significantly, beach glass. We spent a long time together discussing what we could produce that had the same appeal, small, beautiful, affordable…and after some considerable mental detours, we have come back to where we started, only not quite.

The new souvenir will focus on an activity or an experience…and a product to remember it by. It will involve walking and upcycling, the CHALKUP21 trail, the shape of Charles Holland’s plaques, while remaining local, affordable and very special.

Watch this space!