Young leaders teach animation skills

Schools and arts award

On 25 May 2016 the young leaders from Astor College and St Mary’s CEP shared their learning with pupils from Priory Fields School.

The session started with everyone feeling a little nervous about working with new people but by the end the enjoyment and confidence was clear, as can be seen from the Pupil Voice, below:

  • I enjoy doing the workshop, it is quite fun to do.
  • I enjoyed teaching people about animation. it is fun
  • I enjoyed teaching, I founded it quite easy
  • Today I enjoyed helping the children with the animation
  • I thoroughly enjoyed today because we taught others
  • I have enjoyed today. I taught 5 students today things I have learnt. it was fun. I’m sad that next time is our last time.
  • I loved using the ipad to create the animations
  • I found the animation hard because everything kept moving.
  • I loved the pens we coloured with.
  • It was hard to draw the animations, but I really enjoyed it.

We were very pleased to be visited by the Head and Deputy Head of Astor College and the students got a chance to explain and show them what they were doing, which included setting up and animating scenes using the cardboard cutout figures and backdrops.